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Core Values



 An Empowering Ministry

Every man and woman filled by the Spirit to be servant
leaders in the way God has gifted them.

(Eph: 4)


 A Multiplying Ministry

Desiring growth not just in size but in fruitfulness – raising up
disciples and churches to embody and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



An Authentic Ministry

We come as-we-are; broken, imperfect, diverse, but we are all
welcome to the process of healing and reconciliation.


 An Intentional Ministry

Doing life and ministry with purpose!

(Eph: 2:10)



To proclaim to the world our HOPE in Jesus alone,
To take HOPE to the world through evangelism,
To be a place where HOPE Matters.
Changing lives with HOPE!
Hope for a better tomorrow.


Why we exist?
The City of Harvest Church exists to expand beyond denominational and cultural boundaries by
empowering and equipping the church to carry the message of Christ to the world.

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